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Current sites in our portfolio


Guitar and recording gear full of informative content for beginning musicians.

The Content Decoder

Know as “The Content Decoder”, Joost Nusselder shares his blogging and analytics expertise with the blogging community.

Stop Motion Hero

Explaining stop motion animation, especially for beginners getting into the craft.

Tools Doctor

Making tools and their uses easy to understand for the average DIY’er or home improver.

Reviewing sporting equipment and training tips for beginner athletes in their respected fields.


Safe & educational toys for kids, helping parents with children of all ages choose toys that they will love and will learn from.

Lakeside Smokers

BBQ smoker recipes and cooking tips to demystify some of the difficult terminologies and make it easy to start smoking meat for anyone.

Bite My Bun

Making Asian cooking accessible to Western home cooks, providing them with meal plans, easy tips, and substitutes for ingredients they might otherwise not be able to find.


Tips on sporting equipment and playing sports. Started as tips for referees but has grown into one of the largest sporting tips sites in the Netherlands.


With a portfolio of sites and Youtube channels, we can reach over a million monthly viewers searching for information about their hobbies and passions.

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